Winterbourne Fields will contribute towards an upgraded A2 junction at Dunkirk – this will include an improved eastbound connection and a new westbound connection to the A2.

In addition to the highways improvements there is an opportunity to create new and improved walking and cycling routes building upon existing networks.

Winterbourne Fields will help to turn this into a reality.

Creating Mobility and Access for All

Jason Lewis, Director of Transport Planning Stantec

Reduced Congestion

Winterbourne Fields will be served by a direct access to the A2, with both eastbound and westbound connections to and from Faversham and Canterbury.

Winterbourne Fields can be served by a direct bus link from the A2, connecting to a transport hub to the south, utilising an improved Number 3 bus service between Canterbury and Faversham.

EV/Public Transport Hub

An EV (Electric Vehicle) and Public Transport Hub will be at the heart of the development. The hub will allow for the rapid charging of electric vehicles, cycle parking/hire and EV bicycle charging. The hub will be available for residents across the area.

Bus Frequencies and Routes

Winterbourne Fields will push through improvements to the junctions on and off the A2 at Dunkirk. Buses towards Faversham and Canterbury to serve the site every 15 minutes throughout the daytime.

The buses will only pick up from the newly created Public Transport Hub in the village centre in order to shorten journey times.