Winterbourne Village

Winterbourne Fields will seek to complement the existing local villages. At its heart will be a new village centre located close to the entrance of the site.

The character of the village centre will respect the local vernacular found in the surrounding villages but will also create a new identity for a 21st century settlement. As part of the village centre, we are proposing:

A primary school,

Retail, including hospitality units,

A ‘work hub’ with flexible workspace,

An EV (Electric Vehicle) and Public Transport Hub.

A New Social Heart

Winterbourne Fields will support a new community-focused Village Centre. At the centre of this new social heart will be an open public realm space complemented by new amenities such as shops, flexible community space, a work hub and coffeehouse, a microbrewery, a deli stocking locally sourced produce, and a pharmacy. The mix of facilities within the Village Centre will be co-designed by the local community. After all, it is your community. The new village centre will be somewhere that both existing and future residents will want to use – for work, rest and play.

Somewhere to relax

Winterbourne Village will create new opportunities for somewhere that you can relax.

These new amenities will be able to serve the existing need of local residents and new residents alike. They will be designed as a destination in their own right. Local residents will no longer need to head off to destinations far away when seeking a new place to relax.

Village Shops

Every successful village needs a selection of shops. Winterbourne Village will provide a safe and accessible way where you can grab a pint of milk in the evening or a last minute item needed for dinner. The creation of these shops will stop the need for you getting into your car and having to travel along the A2 in search for those items.