It goes without saying that conserving the natural environment is a priority. This includes the ancient woodland which encloses the site south of the A2, the mature hedgerows and trees.


Currently, most of the site is low grade arable land. Winterbourne Fields offers a chance to enhance the biodiversity of this site. New community-accessible open space will be created.

From walking to rewilding, the opportunities for making nature better are endless.

Enhancing the ancient woodland, the mature hedgerows, trees, and the other sensitive habitats across the site will be some of the many benefits that will be achieved through creating Winterbourne Fields.

Getting out and closer to nature

The creation of new woodland walks and running tracks will create healthy ways of getting out and closer to nature. Among our proposals will include a range of walking routes, both direct routes from residential areas to the village centre and indirect routes around the site for leisure purposes. A new or improved foot/cycle crossing over the A2 will be provided, along with cycle improvements to Boughton.