Winterbourne Fields will create a community for all ages – from first time buyers and families to retirement and care homes.

From walking to rewilding – the site offers a great deal of public open spaces which can be used for a range of activities; from recreation and sports to creating new habitats.

New Homes

Our homes will be designed to be in-keeping with the area, using local materials and building techniques.

Our homes will all be eco-friendly and will meet the latest sustainable home requirements.

Winterbourne Fields will cater for all – from first time buyers to elderly living and everybody in between.

One size fits all is not the case here. Our homes will be made up of many different shapes and sizes.

New Healthcare Services

We know that the availability of good primary healthcare is a key local issue. That is why we will safeguard land for the creation of state of the art primary health care facilities.

We are working closely with the NHS and medical providers to make sure that this can happen as soon as possible.

New Primary School

At the heart of Winterbourne Fields will be a brand new primary school and nursery. There will also be a significant financial contribution made to local  secondary schools.

We are talking with a range of organisations who are experienced in creating new schools in Kent.

Enhancing Biodiversity

We are committed to ensure that Winterbourne Fields will enhance the local biodiversity of the area. We will do this by creating new woodlands, green corridors and 20 metre deep buffer zones.

Open Spaces For All

There is an opportunity to create in excess of 30 hectares of new public open space with access for all residents. This is equivalent to over 42 senior-sized football pitches.

We are committed to providing the existing community with a range of new facilities that will help improve access to open spaces.

From new allotments, community orchards, fitness or foraging trails – we will create what is needed.

Employment Opportunities

An essential part of Winterbourne Fields is job creation. It is anticipated that, post-Covid, a significant proportion of the working population will continue to work from home at least some of the time, therefore 5G broadband is proposed throughout the development, including work from home opportunities in all homes.

It is anticipated that 600 new jobs will be created directly as a result of Winterbourne Fields.

New Sports Facilities

We know that healthy lives lead to healthy communities. Winterbourne Fields will help create new sporting facilities for local people. We will be able to accommodate state of the art sports pitches, cycling trails and multi-use sports grounds. These will be available for all.

Extending Existing Village Communities

There are over 4,000 residents who live between the villages of Boughton-Under-Blean, Dunkirk, Oversland and Selling in the Swale Borough of Kent.

Winterbourne Fields has the potential to create a new community of people and amenities to sit alongside these established communities.